The best way to achieve brillant and satisfying results is to attend on the customers and to collaborate with them, in order to solve possible problems or supervise the correct development of a productive process.

ALCANET- 4.0 Industrial supervision/monitoring

Alca Sistemi, thanks to its experience in the field of line supervision, is realising a new typology of supervision based on webserver technology. The objective is to make the productive plants more and more smart and connected, also able to predict eventual failures/breakdowns of the machine and/or driftes of the process.

ALCANET system is based on a web responsive technology and so it is navigable through browser, on any device connected to the Internet. Furthermore , the platform in order to the internet of Things and of the 4.0 industry, allows to receive personalised notifications on the mobile devices (smartphones, tablet) of the operators in order to alert in real time about eventual anomalies of the line on the basis of parameters set up by the responsibles of the production.

Thanks to ALCANET it is possible to keep track of the maintenance works (organised or urgent) which happen on the line.

Example of ALCANET System dashboeard

Production supervision

ALCA Sistemi enterprise is specialised on the realisation of production supervision system also for lines composed by more emplacements. Our supervisors talk with the PLC or the PC of each emplacement in order to retrieve informations in relation with the production, the failure codes and the machine stop events.

ALCA Sistemi line supervisors offer the possibility to display all the processes undergone by a piece (for example searching it by the barcode) in the history in the database. Furthermore, it is possible to gather the production and the analysis of the line failures/breakdowns, by workshift.

Example of line supervisor – interface of piece research


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