Quality Policy

Alca Sistemi S.r.l. is an enterprise whose mission is to realise machines and plants of assembly and testing, not standard but for the manufacturing industry.

The direct relationship with the customers convinced the leadership to adopt commercial and productive strategies in order to obtain the great satisfaction of their expressed and unexpressed demands.

That’s the reason why Alca Sistemi defined its quality policy, deeply committing to fulfill its mission, deciding to formalise its processes in a System of Quality ISO 9001:2015.

Therefore Alca Sistemi s.r.l., in order to achieve its goals,  commits to:

  • To adopt an organisation for processes and to applicate on them the techniques of measurement for continuous improvement;
  • To develop continously its product, improving it compared to the previous experiences;
  • To pay a particular attention to the technological evolution and the new products in commerce in order to improve its production.
  • To use the most advanced information technologies to acquire new customers;
  • To commend human resources and their professional growth;
  • To develop in the staff the culture of quality, security and respect of the customer and of the environment, so that the employed will be the best image of the enterprise;
  • To improve the work environment, keeping a high profile of security and comfort, thanks to dedicated investments;
  • To create a partnership with customers and suppliers always respecting the profitability of the enterprise and its development;
  • To make the proprietors proud of the enterprise.


Registered Office

 (+39) 080 237 13 65

  Via Dott. N. Scioscia 2/D
70026 - Modugno (BA)
Puglia, Italia
  (+39) 080 237 13 65

Operational Headquarters

 (+39) 080 237 13 65

  Via La Lenza, snc
70010 - Capurso (BA)
Puglia, Italia
  (+39) 080 237 13 65