ALCA SISTEMI headquarters is situated in the industrial zone of Capurso, in the province of Bari, in Italy.

In an operating area of 300mq, the enterprise works mainly on industrial automation in automotive, pharmaceutical and hydraulic sectors.

The staff of ALCA SISTEMI is composed by young and motivated people who hope to grow and improve themselves professionally day by day.


The members of our staff are:

-n.2 engineers (business partners)

-n.2 engineers (software experts) PC and PLC

-n.1 software developer PC

-n.2 mechanical designer (design 3D)

-n.1 electrical designer

-n.2 assemblers/mechanical toolmakers

-n.1 electrical assembler

 -n.1 clerk






Registered Office

 (+39) 080 237 13 65

  Via Dott. N. Scioscia 2/D
70026 - Modugno (BA)
Puglia, Italia
  (+39) 080 237 13 65

Operational Headquarters

 (+39) 080 237 13 65

  Via La Lenza, snc
70010 - Capurso (BA)
Puglia, Italia
  (+39) 080 237 13 65