ALCA SISTEMI enterprise was founded in 2010 by two engineers who had gained a long-standing experience in industrial automation and in design of automatic machines and their software.

Ferdinando Carbone, graduated in electrical engineering in polytechnic university of Bari, has held the role of sales and marketing director and design director, and he has taken part in a project financed by the European Community for development and improvement of the software.

Gianluigi Alessandrelli, graduated in mechanical engineering in polytechnic university of Bari, is admitted to practice engineering. He has held the role of technician, responsible of a mechanical design society, project manager, key-account manager in Italy, in Europe and beyond Europe.

Since its birth, on the strength of its experience, Alca Sistemi enterprise has always searched for its opportunities in the future, reaching the fame and the success of a qualified enterprise of industrial automation.

Hand in hand with an always more decided technological and financial consolidation, Alca Sistemi Enterprise sees the growth of its turnover, paying specific attention to the production efficiency per capita. 

Our long-standing experience allows us to realize important machines, in particular for automotive and hydraulic automotive sectors.

Our realisations concern machines for assembly, but our flagship are the EOL machines. 





Registered Office

 (+39) 080 237 13 65

  Via Dott. N. Scioscia 2/D
70026 - Modugno (BA)
Puglia, Italia
  (+39) 080 237 13 65

Operational Headquarters

 (+39) 080 237 13 65

  Via La Lenza, snc
70010 - Capurso (BA)
Puglia, Italia
  (+39) 080 237 13 65